Mission Statement


To Inspire, Educate & Encourage An Everyday Healthier Lifestyle Within The Community

Vision Statement


To Help Our Clients Challenge Their Boundaries & Reach Their Goals Through Boxing & Physical Activity

Mission Statement


Knowledge, Community, Reputation, Empowerment & Passion


  • Personal Trainer
  • Professional Boxing Coach (British Boxing Board of Control)
  • Level 2 England Boxing Coach
  • First Aid
  • Safe Guarding & Child Protection
  • DBS Checked
  • Boxercise
Chris Slatcher

Chris Slatcher’s route into boxing was slightly different to most. When at school in a P.E lesson the teacher pulled 2 pairs of old boxing gloves out from the stock cupboard, Chris recalls him throwing him one pair to put on & throwing another pair to another lad. He sent us over to the judo mats where the rest of the class stood around the outside while we had a fight. We both didn’t really know what we was doing but I remember the teacher stopping it because he started crying. Afterwards the teacher came up to me & said you are quite good you should join a local boxing club.

That prompted Chris at 11 years of age to walk in to the Phoenix Amateur Boxing Club, Chris progressed quickly & soon began to box competitively. He won numerous national titles & became the first boxer to represent his country in the clubs 28 years history since being founded. In the last 10 years Chris can be found on the opposite side of the ropes where he coaches amateur & professional boxers with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve  more than he ever could and pass on his 35 years of boxing knowledge. Chris hasn’t forgot where it all started for him and also teaches boxing in schools colleges and universities.

Chris quotes, "Boxing in school is where it all started for me, if it wasn’t for that day my life would be a lot different & for the worse. I think through boxing I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever met my partner included. The benefits of boxing are huge not just physically but mentally & socially, with a strong focus on disciple, confidence, self-defence and weight management I believe every community can get the benefits from having a local boxing club. It is a place where anyone can come regardless of their background or ability. The skills and relationships that are taught through boxing stay with you for life."